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DeFi Ted
6 min readMar 2, 2021

Well, hello! Ted Talking here.

I have been meaning to write one of these for like months, but the DeFi and crypto markets don’t give me a second to clear my own thoughts. If you are struggling yourself, it won’t stop; you need to force yourself on that break. After this post I will be back in a couple of weeks on socials.

Probably not going to be the most upbeat topic but it is something that has come out of months of frustration and now being de-platformed for continuing to ask the same questions within the project. NBA Topshots, Dapper Labs and FLOW. I am not going to sit here and shit on them from a great height, even though I could. Instead give you the documented evidence I have retained in my plight and let you decide if this is just growing pains or if the teams at Dapper and FLOW have just been asleep at the wheel.

So everyone is aware of this little outburst.

So where did this come from?

Firstly let me set the expectation for the rest of this.

  1. I was KYC and AML approved and complete on the 12th of Jan 2021
  2. I signed up to the Dapper Labs/NBA Topshot on the 2nd of Oct 2020
  3. I had completed over 350 sales and purchases at this point
  4. All purchase before any resales were complete via my credit card

So after a week of waiting to see if the withdraw function would open and no indication of how this process worked after meeting the criteria in any of their documents I move forward with contacting for help.

Jan 24th 2021

They said a few days wait for a turn around so I did.

Jan 29th 2021 — No response so I follow up my requests and decided to update with some nice pictures to make life a little easier, being considerate and all.

I am getting a little tested now with no response, and now any request I make in the NBA topshot discord is met with me being a fudder and that I probably don’t meet the criteria to withdraw. All assumptions that were incorrect at the time and are today. Help was literally squashed. This was in the help channel as well may I add.

Jan 31st 2021

I am starting to lose patience here and I am not completely scott free in this but I will leave criticism open.

Feb 8th 2021 First response from dapper help.

This was the last I heard from the help team.

I then decided to try my luck with Roham as I had become quite annoyed by this whole event and knowing there were others that signed up and completed when I did, now had full functionality and I knew their account was large. I am also not going to doxx them, so for anyone saying “share names” gfy.

I was ready to question them at the start of Feb knowing what I knew but instead I went straight for the jugular with Roham. I had been bashed to this point by the fan boys in NBA topshots discord. I felt I needed to be pretty firm.

However Roham always found a way to say why they were doing something, without ever truly explaining it. Keep them on the wheel.

As time goes on everything he says is without some very needed information, we are opening up withdraws now, no mention of $1000 daily limit.

Go to process one — takes a week to process and can’t process another until the first is done, so $1000 per weekish.

Offered me a lump sum and to remove me from his platform at this point before it was public. The toys were already starting to leave his cot.

As always I have to follow this guy up, one of the most reactive people I have ever seen lead a business.

Yeah here I was a little nasty, but a Credit default swap market sounded appropriate given growing concerns of not being able to meet the USD in circulation on their platform.

I mean there is some toxicity in there sure, but let’s face it Roham constantly made claims without providing all the known information, doesn’t set clear expectations and is constantly being followed up for things he makes statements about.

After this I got this from the team, so I know he can make something happen when he wants to.

Feb 23rd 2021

A couple of days later tried to log into my account to check to see if withdraws had been updated. No more functionality for withdraw. I grew concerned again. Since the below I have had no actual response. So to twitter I went (see above first picture)

I have no response personally from NBA topshot, Dapper or Roham other then his little tantrum about kicking me off their platform for continuing to be a pusher of the right outcomes. I also stated I didn’t just want this for me but for EVERYONE that was in the same boat as me as well.

And now to this.

So there you have it warts and all, including anything that would incriminate me for being wrong in this instance. If Roham has anything to add I welcome it, hopefully it is USDC to my wallet for this amount, currently I have no idea if I will ever get access to this or the funds I spent. This is a decent size of my portfolio too, not great for someone that works 100% in this space.

I have no email communication of what is happening and no responses from Dapper. I will keep you all up to date on the outcome.

A last message for Roham.

You are a representative of not only the brands you create but the brands you represent. The NBA is one of those. I hope that for branding sake this is sorted and I am made whole.

The fact you have profited from all my sales handsomely means there should be no reason to finalize this closure in full.

Also, I had an Anthony Davis #28 Finals series on sale for $5k (my last topshot) — you can have it for 3500 and we will call it $80k?



Lets see if Roham has any honour.