Fractional Ownership in Digital Zones by Mitchell F Chan


100,000 Tokens

$DZIND represents a fractional ownership in a single Digital Zone NFT

This is an opportunity to gain exposure to this piece in the series of works that is Digital Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility by Mitchell F Chan, with the floor price currently at 50 ETH on OpenSea.

Distribution of the launch is via a Gnosis Dutch Auction with the initial price at 2 ETH valuation of the piece. Starting price 0.00002 ETH per $DZIND

Post Sale

20% of proceeds + 20% of remaining $DZIND to be locked in Sushi LP for 1 year.

5% of tokens to be vested with SOLV to Mitchell F Chan for a 12 month linear period.

What happens past this, I am not sure. I know I won’t be selling any of my own tokens anytime soon and I hope that Mitchell continues his growth in the space — this already is a piece of history.

Follow Mitchell here




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