It is with conflicted emotions that I announce the end of RULER & COVER Protocol.

The decision to do this did not come easy and is a final decision the remaining team made after reviewing the path forward, after the core developers suddenly left the projects.

After discussing with the remaining team and finalizing plans moving forward it made sense that the remaining treasury funds be evenly dispersed to token holders.

This is effectively a creditor payout, we will not be continuing with the RULER & COVER token or contracts and the UI will remain shutdown.

I want to personally…


100,000 Tokens

$DZIND represents a fractional ownership in a single Digital Zone NFT

This is an opportunity to gain exposure to this piece in the series of works that is Digital Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility by Mitchell F Chan, with the floor price currently at 50 ETH on OpenSea.

Distribution of the launch is via a Gnosis Dutch Auction with the initial price at 2 ETH valuation of the piece. Starting price 0.00002 ETH per $DZIND

Well, hello! Ted Talking here.

I have been meaning to write one of these for like months, but the DeFi and crypto markets don’t give me a second to clear my own thoughts. If you are struggling yourself, it won’t stop; you need to force yourself on that break. After this post I will be back in a couple of weeks on socials.

Probably not going to be the most upbeat topic but it is something that has come out of months of frustration and now being de-platformed for continuing to ask the same questions within the project. NBA Topshots…

DeFi Ted

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